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Scality SCOP – $100,000 Incentive Fund for Open Source Software Developers

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We’re opening the cloud drop by drop! Our goal with this open source library is to promote the use of object based cloud storage and simplify the job of application developers in the process.

We are trying to address the most common user concerns associated with cloud storage (Freedom/Openness, Performance, Security and Visibility) at the client library level so that application developer using Scality Droplet can spend more time focusing on their own user experience instead.

The second part of that strategy is to reward open source developers with our Scality Open Source Program (SCOP) by offering bounties for applications that we feel are a great match for the cloud. Total bounty pot is $100,000, divided into $1000 to $10000 individual app bounties. Look here for the list of applications.

You can also submit your own application idea, if we like it, we’ll create a bounty for it so an open source developer can step up and you basically just outsourced the development of your dream application for free 🙂 Apply here while there’s still money left!

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Written by Giorgio Regni

September 23, 2010 at 5:22 am